About Body Works Massages

BodyWorks Massage Therapy is located at the Franklin Athletic Club. We are staffed with licensed massage therapists who are professional, knowledgeable, and completely committed to the care of each client.

BodyWorks Massage Therapy specializes in therapeutic massage with Sports Therapy, Pain Relief Therapy, Pre/post Natal Massage, and Shiatsu, as well as relaxation with Hot Stone Therapy, Swedish, and Four Handed Massage.

BodyWorks Massage Therapy believes that there are many aspects to a healthy lifestyle and proper massage care plays a vital role in maintaining this lifestyle.

When you arrive at one of our locations, your licensed massage therapist will ask you to fill out a client intake form. The LMT will then walk you to the massage room, explain proper draping technique, and discuss the areas on which you would like the therapist to focus. Your session will always be professional and respectful to ensure your modesty. Only the body part on which the therapist is working will be exposed at that time. When the therapist leaves the room to wash his/her hands, you may disrobe down to your comfort level and lie underneath the crisp blankets on the heated table. If at any time a technique or stroke causes you to feel discomfort, please let your therapist know. Our rooms are designed to be your mini escape from the worldly stresses using relaxing music, aromatherapy, and the sounds of a flowing waterfall. Upon completion of your session, the therapist will exit the room and let you re-dress.

BodyWorks Massage Therapy wants each session to cater to the client's needs. Please let us know what we may do to better suit your needs!